I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

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Next week is Thanksgiving, the official start to the holiday season (in my book, not Starbucks’). And I know one thing I am thankful for: my career. I’m very fortunate to have a job that I love at my age. I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am and I’m very happy to do something I enjoy that keeps me financially secure. But, there is one glaring downside to the perfect job right now — I can’t go home for Christmas this year.

I haven’t racked up enough vacation days to make my regular Christmas trip back east. And with just a couple of vacation days, I really can’t justify flying to Virginia, only to turn around and fly right back. So, I’ve decided to pass on the Maas Family Christmas this holiday season and instead go back home when I’ve got more vacation time.

Now, all this may not sound like a big deal. Tons of people don’t spend the holidays with their families. They spend them with their friends, their partner’s family, or on their own. But not me. I have NEVER spent a Christmas away from home. NEVER. In college I always went back. And since moving to Los Angeles I’ve gone back every year. So this year is gonna be ROUGH.

And since I’m going to be losing the only Christmas experience I’ve ever known, Ethan and I decided to find a way to make the holiday our own by celebrating with a new tradition. We’re going to spend Christmas at Brannan Cottage Inn, a boutique hotel we stayed at on my first Napa trip. Doesn’t that sound so wonderfully magical and romantic?


Brannan Cottage Inn

Making the decision to go up to Napa rather than celebrate in our apartment in Los Angeles seems to have helped ease the pain of missing out on a Maas Family Christmas. We loved this inn when we stayed their two years ago. Loved it so much that I have become Facebook friends with the owner and regularly chat with her via Instagram comments. Seriously, we love this inn.

So, spending a couple nights in a room with a fireplace where we can hang our stockings with care, and drink fresh tea and coffee in bed on Christmas morning, sounds like the perfect medicine for homesickness.

And home will be there next year. And so will the inn. So who knows where we’ll be then. I don’t know what traditions Ethan and I will start as a family. But I’m excited to find out.



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