Why You Should Go ‘Universal’ With Your Registry

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We may not be far in to the wedding planning process — honestly, I’m still on my post-engagement To Do list — but we’ve already started a registry. I’m not gonna call it a “wedding registry,” because it isn’t for wedding gifts. It’s for engagement gifts — though etiquette dictates that you are not required to give a couple a present when they get engaged. So if it isn’t for wedding gifts, nor are we expecting anyone to give us anything for our engagement, why do we have one? Well, because as soon as Ethan popped the question, people started asking if we were registered. And while it felt foreign and awkward to create one, we a compiled a small registry with suggestions for presents. But not just any registry, a universal registry.

So how is a universal registry different from regular wedding registries? Well, it’s really simple: it takes your registries from different stores and websites and combines them in to one comprehensive registry. And because most couples register at more than one store (we registered at Amazon, Macy’s and Nambe, to give everyone lots of options) it is something that all engaged couples should look in to. The site I used to create the universal registry was MyRegistry.com.

The two main things I love about this site, other than the organization that comes with combining all the lists, is that it also allows you to create a cash registry and has a corresponding app. The cash registry component is nice because we, as an engaged couple, will use any monetary contributions we receive to go toward the wedding, but a couple registering for their wedding might be saving for a home or for their honeymoon. And the app is awesome because I can keep track of what we have and haven’t received while I’m out and about, show the registry to friends and family when I see them, and also, it’s just fun when there is a corresponding app to a website, isn’t it?

The site also makes it easy to find someone’s registry, as you just need to type in the names of the couple and their registry will pop up in the results. Now, you will have to first create your registries on the original websites or in the stores — man, is that scanner thing fun — but once you’re done with that part, combining them on the site is a cinch! I really love the universal registry right now, and if it works out, I plan on using it for our wedding as well.

So, what do you think of using a universal registry vs. a traditional registry?

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