Religion: Celebrating The Holidays When You Have Different Beliefs

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Christmas, Christmas time is near, and I’ve loved putting up our first tree, our brand new stockings and setting out my little decorations. And one of my favorite Christmas decorations is my tiny nativity set that was handmade in Mexico that I bought when Ethan I visited San Diego. Now, setting this out at the beginning of Ethan and my’s relationship might have been a little awkward. But not anymore. Even though I come from a Christian clan and Ethan comes from a Jewish family, after four years together religion is not really an issue.

Now, I’ve touched on the topic of religion here before when I gave a play-by-play of hosting my very first Passover Seder last spring. That’s when I made it clear I absolutely love spending time celebrating Jewish holidays with Ethan’s family because I love learning more about their beliefs and culture. And though Ethan himself is an atheist, he also very much enjoys eating good Jewish food and fun family traditions.

But I will admit that when we first got together, he and I were both a little uncomfortable with the fact we believed in different things. We loved each other, and never considered ending our relationship over the matter. But it lead to several theological discussions in which we did attempt to challenge one another on the topic. Ultimately, that was silly and futile.

Now, we have come to a mutual acceptance when it comes to religion. So the holidays are full of joy, because I can put out my nativity set, and decorate my tree and hang our stockings and Ethan won’t say a word. And I am very happy to spin the dreidel and eat latkes when we celebrate Hanukkah with his family. The fact we’ve come to that point in our relationship is really sweet and shows real growth and maturity in my opinion.

Do you and your significant other or family have different religious beliefs? If so, how do you handle that tricky issue at the holidays?


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