Preparing To Cook My Butt Off — Getting Ready For Turkey Day

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Ya’ll ready for next week? Cause I am! Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays because I love to cook. But it’s also because I’m a control freak. I’ve got lists upon lists going for Turkey Day and I’m ready for all contingencies. I’ve got my recipes ready, my shopping list good to go, and a comprehensive timetable at the ready. Yes, my dear readers, I’m a Thanksgiving master. But there is just one aspect of taking on cooking the biggest meal of the year that is a little rough — I cook it all by myself.

Now, don’t think this is because I am being forced to do this. No one is chaining me to the stove and making me cook gravy and mash potatoes from sun up to sundown. No, no, this is a self inflicted burden. You see, I have issues letting anyone help me make Thanksgiving dinner. It’s my thing. It’s been my thing since I was introduced to Alton Brown via Good Eats on the Food Network when I was 18 and he made me want to cook six dishes for five people all by myself on Thanksgiving. And you know what? It turned out spectacularly. Everyone loved it, and life was good.

So ever since then I’ve continued to tackle this whole thing by myself. Beyond letting Ethan run to the store last minute to grab anything I forgot (perish the thought!) or to let my dad or Ethan’s dad peel some potatoes, this is my gig. And I don’t just make a turkey. Oh, no. I make turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, butternut squash soup, sweet potato casserole, corn, biscuits, pumpkin pie and apple pie. And though I’ve pretty much got my recipes down by now, I do switch stuff up a little every now and then. Including this year, when I plan to make the updated turkey recipe out of Alton’s new cookbook. Can’t wait to see how it goes. Especially when I don’t let anyone help me with it. At all.

Do you cook Thanksgiving dinner? And if so, to what extent do you let people help you with it?


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