National Blog Posting Month

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Every November, thousands of bloggers pledge to post every single day (yep, weekends; yep, Thanksgiving too) for National Blog Posting Month. It’s about creatively challenging yourself. It’s about growing your readership. And it’s also about joining in, discovering other blogs, connecting with one another.

Julie Ross Godar, BlogHer

I’d really like to say that I keep this blog up-to-date. But anyone who checks in with me regularly would know that isn’t the case. However, if you’ve been following along over the past month or so, you would have noticed that I’m blogging more and more. That’s because a) I’ve made a commitment to carve out more time to blog, b) I want to keep it up-to-date so you have a reason to keep coming back and c) I was inspired when I went to #BlogHer16 back in August to take the blog in a different direction with sponsorships and giveaway opportunities.

So, in October, after things had settled down at my new job, and Ethan and I had figured out what the wedding planning situation was gonna look like, I sat down and started writing again. And I’ve been so, so happy to reacquaint myself with the blog and what it feels like to write for fun every day. I’m so happy to be here, ready to talk you and offer any advice I can on a daily basis. And that’s what I plan to do every day this month. And, wouldn’t you know it that’s what so many other bloggers are doing this November!

This month is National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo (Fun, right?), and I only discover this TODAY. Uh, stars aligning much? To think I didn’t even know this was going on all across the blogosphere, and I was committing myself to doing the same thing. So, once I found out, I decided to commit even further. If you will look on my sidebar, I have gotten my official button to prove I’m in this to win it. And I’d really love your support! As an added bonus, if I’m able to really do this thing (and let’s hope I am) I could win 1 of 4 passes to #BlogHer17 in Orlando next June. Woo!

So, send good vibes my way. I’m gonna need ’em. Oh, and if you have any ideas for posts you’d love to see, or a topic you’d love me to explore, I’m all ears.


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