The Morning After: How To Feel Better Today

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Well, it’s the morning after the election. As I’ve said before, I try to be unbiased in my writing. Even here, on my personal blog, it matters a great deal to me to remain unbiased, because in my professional life I am a journalist. And a damn good one in my opinion. But today, the morning after the results of the 2016 presidential election rolled in, I need to at least say this:

morning after

That’s right. In all seriousness (taco cravings aside), I’m having just as hard a time as a lot of people out there who were completely shocked by the results, and who are terrified of how they will affect the future of our country.

As I encouraged everyone else to vote yesterday, and the day before (though I did do so in a light-hearted manner), I did not tell you who to vote for. And I still feel comfortable knowing that I made the decision to not push my own agenda. I maintain it was your right to vote for the candidate you wanted to lead this nation. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be shocked by the results.

I cannot fathom how this has happened. How this has actually happened. And what this will mean for me as a woman, for my children (if I choose to have them), for Ethan as he looks for a job when he graduates from law school.

So I’m happy to look at a picture of my handsome fiancé and the cute little puppy he got to play with at law school the other day to destress. I wish I had one now. Maybe now is the time to get one. Maybe there will be a surge in rescue pet adoption after what has happened. That would definitely be a bright side, right? I think we can all agree that adopting a rescue is a good thing. Can’t we? We are not that divided as a country, are we? God, I hope not.


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