How To Make Your First Christmas Card

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Because I mailed our holiday cards on Monday, and choose to believe they have all arrived safely in the hands of our friends and family by now, I feel totally confident this post will not spoil our adorable card. And if it did, I am deeply sorry.

But I really wanted to talk about Christmas cards and I couldn’t wait any longer! Phew.

I love Christmas cards. Love, love, love them. I loved watching them pile up on our mantle as a kid and helping to decide what we would do for ours when I got older. But now that I am still a part of my family but apart from them, I get to be totally in charge of my own card.

Well, as it is me and Ethan’s card, we both have a hand in selecting it. But the process really entails me spending time showing him a series of pre-selected pictures and designs and him deciding between things I like equally.

We have sent out a card twice in the three holiday seasons we have spent together as a couple, and that is only because someone may have put it off too long last year as she was pretty bogged down trying to finish her last semester of college.

But this year’s card makes up for not having one last year, as it is really, really great.

It has an awesome picture of us on the beach, because of our big move to LA this year, and “Warmest Holiday Wishes” as the perfect accompanying text. Because of the beach? Get it? Oh you’re no fun.

And it is all thanks to, the website that will make all of your friends and family jealous because your holiday card is cuter than theirs. It really is a great site. They have hundreds of beautiful designs, each of which you can completely customize with your own pictures (which they have filters for obviously) and text.

And because I have been a regular Tiny Prints customer, I received a promo code that gave me 30% + free shipping & handling. So I was able to get our $74.79 order of 25 cards for $46.54. And I picked one of the more expensive designs, so imagine what the would do for a cheaper order.

Some quick things to keep in mind if you want to send your first batch of grown-up holiday cards this year.

  • You’re going to need addresses. If you don’t already have everyone in your family’s you can probably knock those out by calling mom and dad. But friend’s addresses can be harder, as I learned after realizing everyone scattered pretty quickly after graduation. Not that I knew their addresses before, because I didn’t ever send them mail… So I did the logical thing and sent a group Facebook message to let people know that if they wanted a card I needed an address. Easy enough.
  • If you noticed, I have been using “holiday card” in reference to me and Ethan’s card. That is because, while my family and I celebrate Christmas, Ethan’s family also celebrates Hanukkah. And as far as friends go we have people all across the religious spectrum. So “holidays” is what we like to go with. Also, New Year’s isn’t included if you just say Merry Christmas. And I love New Year’s.
  • You can take your cards to the next level by buying some of the holiday stamps they sell at the Post Office during the most wonderful time of the year. I got a set of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ones for our cards and I might like them even better than our actual card.IMG_4199
  • You can make addressing cards easier on yourself by creating your own return address labels so you only have to write the recipient’s. We bought some do-it-yourself printable sticker sheets that I was really grateful for when Ethan could not assist in the addressing, as his handwriting is unreadable.

I am really happy with this year’s card and I feel really grown-up knowing we have our very own. And even though we only needed to send out 25 this year, I know one day we will be sending out many more. So I feel fortunate we haven’t reached that grown-up point where obligation cards are necessary.

Now here is the fun part. I have two promo codes to giveaway for 30% off holiday cards & gifts + free shipping & handling on If you want the chance to win one enter the giveaway below .

Drawing will end on Friday, December 5th at 12:00 PT so enter now! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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