9 Healthy, Delicious Foods I Ate On Whole30

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I’m currently frying bacon. A big cast iron skillet full of crispy, salty, fatty bacon. Don’t worry, it is Whole30 compliant bacon (as Ethan and I still have 9 days left on our program). But even if it is a Whole30 compliant protein, it is still not a food anyone would ever call healthy.

So yes, even though Whole30 does ask you to give up a lot, there are things, like bacon, you can still indulge in — in moderation — that won’t interfere with your elimination diet.

But even though you can have that deliciously fatty bacon, if you want to make the most out of your Whole30 you are going to want to eat some deliciously healthy foods too. Here are my 11 favorites, most of which I had never eaten, let alone heard of, until I we started our Whole30.

9 Healthy, Whole30 Compliant Foods I Heart

1. Coconut oil


I’m not talking about something you rub on your skin to get a tan at the beach (which, by the way, don’t do). I’m talking about the almighty healthy cooking oil of the gods. Coconut oil has been my go to healthy cooking fat for everything from scrambled eggs to sautéed spinach. I even put it in my morning coffee with…

2. Coconut milk


Because you put the coconut oil in the coffee and you drink it all up! But not before adding in some coconut milk too. Almost all canned coconut milk is Whole30 compliant and can be stored in an airtight container (in my experience) for about a week. Without any source of dairy in my life (oh how it hurts) coconut milk has been a godsend in the morning, with its buddy coconut oil, to turn my black coffee into a deliciously creamy, compliant treat.

3. Almond butter


I actually ate almond butter before Whole30, but not to the extent I do now. I am a peanut butter girl. Always have been, always will be. I want a jar of JIF crunchy peanut butter put in my casket with me (not really, Ethan, okay?). But since peanuts are a legume and legumes are a no-no, peanut butter was out. Almond butter however, was copacetic. So I started using it as the healthy fat for my morning meal. And then I fell in love. Creamy almond butter — I’m talking the real stuff, with no added sugar — is amazing. I eat a couple tablespoons full everyday with a banana. And if it were allowed, I’d probably eat more.

4. Canned salmon


I love salmon, but I never cook salmon. Ethan isn’t a seafood person at all, while I am a huge seafood person. But since I gag at the sight of a bell pepper, and he loves them, we try to respect each other by keeping things like that out of the house. But on Whole30, they recommend you eat as many different types of compliant foods as possible because things can get old fast if you don’t mix it up. So, I bought some canned salmon, knowing I wouldn’t have to cook it and the house wouldn’t smell like fish. I have been using it constantly to make salmon salad (like tuna salad or egg salad) to take with me to work for lunch. I enjoy it even more than tuna salad now. And I make it with…

5. Primal Kitchen mayonnaise


Mayo is totally allowed under the Whole30 rules, but what isn’t allowed is anything with soy. And do you know what is in almost every commercial mayo out there? Soybean oil. Read your labels kids. So I first made my own mayo, which was pretty good honestly. But I realized that at the rate I was eating my mayo I was not going to be down for making it constantly. So, through Whole30’s Instagram feed, I found Primal Kitchen’s mayo. It is compliant, tastes just like regular mayo, and is made with avocado oil. I might actually stick with this brand when we are done.

6. Coconut flour


I know, I know, more coconut. But what can I say? Whole30 brings the coconut. And the reason I like this coconut product is pretty simple. Seeing as you can’t eat any grains on Whole30, you can’t use regular flour. And sometimes you wan’t to bread a piece of chicken. So sometimes you coat it in coconut flour. And you know what? It tastes pretty damn good. Also, gluten-free for anyone who cares about that kind of thing.

7. Tommy’s Superfoods Sweet Potatoes


Oh Tommy’s, we like the things you do. Oh Tommy’s, if I could I would eat you (all the time). We found a big bag full of individual steamer bags of Tommy’s Superfoods Sweet Potatoes in the freezer section at Costco when we were doing our initial Whole30 shop. They don’t have any kind of preservatives or a weird sauce or anything. Just a delicious seasoning. We went through those steamer bags real fast. We now have two more big bags in the freezer. You can take from that what you will.

8. Tessemae’s dressings & sauces


I learned about Tessemae’s from another Whole30er on Instagram who was showing off all the new compliant dressings and sauces they had just bought. Whole30 endorses the brand also. So we picked up their lemon garlic and balsamic dressings to start with. Those were great. If I bring a salad for lunch, I take them with me to work and school in tiny containers because they go along way and you hardly need any to coat even a large salad. We have since bought their ranch dressing and their ketchup (cause I can’t live without my ketchup).

9. Kombucha


No alcohol. The struggle is real. You can’t have any alcohol on Whole30. BUT kombucha, a fermented tea drink which contains trace amounts of alcohol, is Whole30 compliant. And it has been my wine nicotine patch. I actually pour it in to our wine glasses. I like GT’s Kombucha as they have a huge variety of flavors (and it was the first brand I picked up at Whole Foods and I’m a creature of habit who does not like change).

If you are starting, or in the middle, of a Whole30, I suggest picking up some of these to make your journey a little more fun, healthy and delicious. Cheers!


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