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Disclaimer: I was REALLY busy today and so Ethan offered to do a guest post to fulfill my daily post requirement for National Blog Posting Month. Other than this paragraph right here I have had no control over what was written below. I gave Ethan full license to write whatever he wanted. Enjoy.

Hi everybody, I’m Ethan, Jenny’s fiancé, you might know me from 95% of the posts on this blog. Jenny has had a pretty jam-packed day (the topic of today’s post), so I’m here to take some of the burden of writing today’s blog post. I might do more in the future depending on how well this one goes over.

So as you might already know Jenny has a crazy work schedule which means she can’t write blog posts in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays, and usually has to do so in the afternoon/evening. But today when Jenny got off from work at 3 p.m., she jumped in the shower, and then we immediately headed off to see my mom in The Valley, because they had an appointment at David’s Bridal for Jenny to look at and try on dresses.

Jenny originally thought she was going to try on dresses last week when she went with our friend Jenn to a different David’s Bridal, but it turns out you need an appointment. I don’t know the full details, but Jenny must have mentioned this to my mom, who voiced her desire to help Jenny go dress shopping. My mom doesn’t have a daughter, so she loves when she can do this type of stuff with Jenny.

I did not accompany them because, as per tradition, I am not supposed to see the bride in her dress before she is walking down the aisle. From what I heard they had a very nice bridal stylist with a large afro help them. I didn’t get to meet him, but they said he was awesome. They have some pictures, but again, I am not allowed to see them and I doubt Jenny will share any on her social media, as a precaution against me accidentally seeing them. So all of you will have to wait (like me) to see how beautiful she looks in a wedding dress.

While they were doing that, I walked around the Northridge Fashion Center. I’m particularly sentimental about this mall because I used to go to it with my grandma when I was little, and I have a lot of fond memories of us walking around and bonding. It was also a place I used to walk to quite a bit in middle and high school because of how close it is to the house I grew up in. Malls are always fun this time of year, though “this time of year” probably shouldn’t have started yet. Aside from being down memory lane, my walk was pretty uneventful.

After they were done, the three of us went to The Odyssey, a restaurant in the North Valley that my mom wanted us to see because it is a pretty location to potentially have a wedding. While it was indeed pretty, I think we are interested in an event space that would just be our wedding on that evening, and not have other things going on.

Now for the reason why I am doing a guest post, it took forever to get our entrees. Apparently the restaurant had an event in every single event space, and the regular dining room was at capacity, so needless to say the kitchen was a bit backed up. The bread and soup came quickly, but in the amount of time it took between appetizers and entrees

I had time to download Audible to my mom’s phone, set up an account, find books to use her trial credits on and then end the monthly subscription so she isn’t charged for it all before the entrées arrived. My prime rib was good, but we ended up leaving there much later than we anticipated.

We still needed to pick up some stuff from my mom’s house, so we went back there after dinner. My mom showed Jenny a few cookbooks, and I got to play with the kitties (likely the topic of a future guest post if I’m allowed to do another one after this mess of a post).

We said our goodbyes quicker than we would have liked to, but Jenny still had some things she had to get done before work tomorrow. Hollywood Life will be covering the American Music Awards, so Jenny needed to get some stuff prepared. This didn’t leave much time for a blog post, so I offered to do a guest post, which explains why you are reading something that isn’t by Jenny.

I hope you enjoyed my guest post about our day and aren’t completely turned off of That’s So Grown-Up because of it. If you want more posts by me leave a comment below.

P.S. I picked all the links to Jenny’s other articles all by myself.

— Ethan

  • Jessica K
    November 20, 2016

    I loved this! Jenny and Ethan, you are both amazing! Miss you both!

  • Alicen Heinrich
    November 20, 2016

    Great Post!

  • Suman Kher
    November 20, 2016

    It was so nice of you to write this post since Jenny is busy! I’ve read a few posts and it feels like I already know you guys! Best of luck! 🙂

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