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Disclaimer: Well, you’re in luck dear readers, cause I’m super busy and that means it’s time for an “As Told By Ethan.” Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming. But, for now, enjoy this guest post about how much Ethan loves cats. For reals. That’s what it’s about. I can’t make this stuff up.

Hey Everyone, it’s Ethan. Jenny is busy again, which means another guest post by me, and as promised this one is about cats.

Anyone that has known me for more than a few days will eventually learn about my love of cats. My love of cats is on a level usually reserved for elderly spinsters and Japanese school girls, and I am not afraid to admit it. Having grown up with them I would definitely consider myself a cat person, though I am still a puppy fan as well; the honest truth is that I really just like all cute animals.

I have never been able to really put a finger on why I have this affinity for cute animals, but there is this sense of joy and calm that comes over me as I just look at them. I am a frequent visitor of the subreddit for cute animals. I would be lying if I didn’t say that 95% of my bookmarks on my phone were cute animal pictures. Below are a few choice examples:

Java the Cat:

Kitty Hugs:

Big Eye Mommy and Kitten:

Chubby Kitty On a Branch:


Bouncing Red Panda:

While I’ve always loved cats, I think my earliest realization I liked them more than others was when I first started bookmarking cat photos and found out that it wasn’t a common thing for other people in my demographic. It was at this time that I commonly frequented I even tried my hand at creating a lol cat; feast your eyes on this gem from 9th Grade:



Not bad photoshop skills if I do say so myself.

As I said earlier, I grew up around cats, and of all my feline pleasures, playing with actual kitties always beats a picture.

When I was growing up our first two cats were Merlin and Magic. Both were Oriental Short Hairs, and while Merlin was one of the smartest cats my mom has ever had (her words, not mine) Magic may have been developmentally disabled and had a certain fondness for eating socks. After Magic passed away we got Arrow and Salem (yes, we named it after the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch). Arrow had silky smooth grey fur, and Salem had long greyish white hair. Salem was the most skittish cat we ever had and would run away from pretty much everyone. Arrow never liked me; he had a grumpy personality and always seemed annoyed by the people around him. Salem passed away when he was young, being so frightened of everything really took its toll. The next cat we got was Houdini, but he was sick when we got him, so he passed away almost immediately. We then got Willow, who was our first girl cat, she is still around and is a sweetie. Merlin was the next to pass away, but was after a long and happy life. That left Arrow and Willow who became very close, so it hit Willow hard when Arrow eventually passed.

Currently, my mom has three cats: Willow, Nimue (Nimmy for short), and Bailey. Bailey and Nimue are both part Ragdoll which means they are big and fluffy. Below is a picture of me and Bailey:


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my family’s history with cats, and seen a little bit about why I love these furry peoples.

P.S. As I said, while cats are my favorite, I do find doggies cute too. This is my favorite puppy photo and for the past month has been an open tab in my phone for when I need to be calmed down, Fluffy Puppy Face:



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