“Grown-Up” Things To Do In Disneyland

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When Ethan and I decided celebrating my birthday a few weeks early was a good idea, as he would be starting law school in late August and I would be starting work shortly after (which we will address in a different post), we also decided we should do it up right, as it might be our last chance to go away and do something totally-crazy-fun for a while.

So, obviously, with the close proximity of Disneyland to LA, we could think of no better place to do it.

Now, you may think while we were there, totally caught up in the whirlwind of childlike wonder that is the Happiest Place on Earth, we succumbed to our inner children. But nothing could be further from the truth.

As we are now adults, we did all the “grown-up” things to do in Disneyland.

No, seriously. Don’t believe me?

Well I have proof.

 “Grown-Up” Things To Do In Disneyland

1. Take 30 minutes to get officially licensed as a riverboat pilot, by the Mark Twain Riverboat crew in Frontierland.
riverboat pilot license "grown-up" things to do in Disneyland

I can now officially pilot any riverboat, anywhere, anytime. Honest.

 2. Reserve 2 and a half hours to wait in line to meet with diplomats from other countries.
"grown-up" things to do in disneyland

Anna, second in line for the throne of the Kingdom of Arendelle, actually had many insights into how we can protect the U.S. economy. For instance, taking preventative measures to make sure a freak incident doesn’t turn the entire country to ice, ruining our summer crops and exports.

3. Enjoying classical literature.
"grown-up" things to do in disneyland

The Brothers Grimm fairytales are some of the most respected, and unaltered stories when it comes to Disney animated movies. Ask anyone.

4. Become one with exotic nature.
"grown-up" things to do in disneyland

Did you know that Adventureland has a direct link to “several major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America” through its Jungle Cruise. You can see many different “animals” on this voyage.

5. Appreciate animal rights.
"grown-up" things to do in Disneyland

If I can be a riverboat pilot, Duffy The Disney Bear has every right to be a sailor.

 6. Explore chances for higherer education.
"grown-up" things to do in disneyland

How often do you get the chance to attend classes with such a diverse student body?

7. Seek advice from those who are older, and wiser.
"grown-up" things to do in disneyland

If you have the chance to speak of business with extremely successful mice and men, ask them how they got where they are today.

8. Meet your role models.
"grown-up" things to do in Disneyland

Sleep is seriously important to a young adult’s life. Honestly, we don’t get enough of it.

9. Celebrate getting older in the most age appropriate way.
"grown-up" things to do in Disneyland

Yes, I did have my cake, and I ate it too.

Now, any doubts that I did not take full advantage of all the “grown-up” things to do in Disneyland? I didn’t think so.


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