Going Back to Basics for Father’s Day Presents

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I’ve lived on the opposite side of the country from my dad for almost a year now and I have to say it hasn’t been easy. I’m 24-years-old and I’m not ashamed to say that I miss my daddy; a feeling that is only amplified by the significance of this upcoming Sunday.

My dad and I have always been really close. And even though moving to California last summer was the right decision for me, it forced me to seriously cut down on the amount of time I would get to spend in person with him.

Seriously, even though I went to school in New York and my family is in Virginia, the longest I’d go without seeing him at any given time while I was in college was maybe a couple months. This year though I only spent a week with him over Christmas. So ya, that’s an adjustment.

But I deal the best I can, just like every other adult child who lives far from their parents. And I tried to deal with this Father’s Day—the first I haven’t been home to celebrate with him ever—as best I could too. So what did I do? I went back to the basics. Like five-year-old kid basics. I made him a card and baked and mailed him cookies.

Granted my homemade chocolate chip cookies are amazing (NBD) and the card was one I designed on Shutterfly (great website, highly recommend it), but the sentiment was still supposed to be something along the lines of, “Look at what I made for you daddy!” And I hope he enjoys them as much as I enjoyed conceiving and executing the idea.

If I were home for Father’s Day me and my brother’s would be making him Eggs Benedict and black coffee to eat in bed. Okay, I make it, they carry it upstairs. We also let him lounge around the house all day watching Kevin Costner movies (it’s a weird tradition, don’t ask). And my youngest brother will give him a new pair of slippers (because he has always worn out the previous year’s pair), my other brother will have figured out something to give him, and I will have bought him a collectible of the most recent thing he’s obsessed with. Last year it was Supernatural. Please, continue not to ask.

I don’t know what their plans are for this Sunday. Maybe the boys will try and make Eggs Benedict *cringe*. I know he will still watch Dances With Wolves. And I’m sure he’ll get slippers and… something else? But he will also have my homemade presents, mailed well in advance and stowed away by my brothers.

And I hope that is a enough.

P.S. Full disclosure, he has recently become really obsessed with Pop! Funko collectibles (my fault) so I did also get him several of those. But please don’t let that cancel out all the nice stuff I just said about homemade things!

Happy Father’s Day to all the daughters and their daddys.


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