Getting Engaged: 12 Things To Do After He Pops The Question

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Ethan and I are officially engaged. And that sounds so weird to say, even though I knew marriage was in the cards for us before he ever popped the question.

We have been together for a little over four years, have been living together for over two years now, and have talked about getting married on a regular basis since getting serious, which was sometime within the first year of our relationship. What can I say, we were a perfect fit from day one.

So when Ethan proposed it was basically a formality. Which worried me, because I thought when he did do it I may not have the “normal” reaction: tearing up, blurting out “Yes!” instantly and kissing him passionately as soon you get the ring on your finger.

But you know what, that all happened instantaneously, even though I knew that he was going to be proposing any day now. I really should have never worried about it, because the second you see the man you love more than anything in the world get down on one knee, your brain does what I can only describe as a spasm and you think, “Oh my God, he’s gonna put a ring on it. Okay, let’s do this.”

So now I have a fiancé and I am a fiancée, and life is good. But after maybe a day of being blissfully ensconced in our bubble of gooey romantic ecstasy, I got to work. That is the planner in me, and I just can’t turn her off. But, that means I have already checked a LOT of the things you should do pretty soon after getting engaged off my list. And that feels almost as good as the ring on my finger.

12 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

1. Tell all your family members and close friends about the engagement before posting the news on social media

He just proposed, you’ve snapped the photos of the ring, of you two kissing and maybe you were even lucky enough to have someone there to get the actually proposal on camera. Now you want to get those photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ASAP. But hold up, wait a minute, grandma should know you’re engaged first. Sure, she may not have a Facebook and won’t find out that way. But do you really want to risk it? Your family and close friends should be told first, in person if you can, by phone if you can’t, and by text if you know they’d be cool with that.

2. Get a manicure

That. Ring, Is. So. Sparkly. And now that they know you’re engaged, everyone is gonna be grabbing your hand for the next month or so. So treat yourself to a nice manicure so your cuticles look just as clean cut as that rock. Heck, throw in a pedi too.

3. Get a ring dish

This one is for safety reasons. Your ring is far too valuable to you for you to not get a ring dish. And if it is an antique like mine (Yes, I have Ethan’s grandma’s ring. Cue the awwwws.) you’re gonna be taking it off every time you need to shower, do the dishes, workout, what have you. Get a ring dish to place it in so you know exactly where that baby is when it’s not with you.

4. Get the ring appraised & insured

Also a safety precaution, but even more important than the ring dish. Get that ring insured ASAP. In order to do that you will most likely need to get it appraised first, which you can have done at most jewelry stores or by a professional jewelry appraiser. Then, once you have the official appraisal in hand, you can call up your insurance company and get a personal articles policy for the ring. This ensures that if your stone falls out, you lose the ring, etc. you’re covered.

5. Have an engagement party

You may be the one that is engaged, but you aren’t the only one who is excited about it. Having an engagement party gives your family and friends a chance to celebrate you and your love, all while getting to know each other. Killing a couple birds there, right? It is also the official kick off to the wedding festivities that will be going on for the next year or so. So figure out who will be throwing it, where and when to have it and have some fun planning your first wedding-related event!

6. Start a registry

Now, technically people don’t NEED to bring presents to an engagement party, nor do they need to give you an engagement present at all. But, that doesn’t always stop your closer friends and family from wanting to give you a token to show how happy they are for you. So starting a small registry, with gifts in different price points, is a good idea so that when people ask what you want you have an organized list of ideas.

7. Get personalized thank you notes

If you do make a registry, you’re gonna want to get some thank you notes so that you are prepared when the gifts start to roll in. And getting some personalized thank you notes — with both your names on them — is a really sweet option compared to some generic ones. Plus, it will give you the chance to start looking at different wedding stationary to give you ideas of what you might want in terms of save the dates and invites.

8. Get your research on

I have been collecting wedding magazines for years which, luckily, never freaked out Ethan, because now I have a collection that I can start to sift through for ideas. After we got engaged I also ordered Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette, because I’m kind of an etiquette nerd. But if you want to just stick to the internet, that’s totally your decision. I just want you to start to get ideas!

9. Get a wedding notebook

Once you get engaged your going to start to think about the wedding, no matter how far away it is. So it is a good idea to get a notebook to keep all your thoughts in. Plus, you can get a pretty one picked out especially for this purpose that will make you happy to look at every time you see it.

10. Start to think of a budget

This one may not be a super fun step, but it is probably a good idea to at least get an idea of what your budget will be for the wedding. Find out who can and can’t contribute and how much you two can contribute yourselves, that way you know how much you need to save and can create a timeline.

11. Have an engagement photo session

You are glowing constantly, you can’t stop smiling, so what better time to take some awesome pics of the two of you kissing all over the place! To get some inspiration for what fun things to do in your shoot just look on Pinterest and Instagram. An engagement photo session is also practical for when you…

12. Send out announcements or publish one in the newspaper

Whether or not you want to do this step is totally up to you, as not everyone sends out engagement announcements or publishes one in the paper these days. Sometimes people save those for the wedding itself. But if you want to do it, take one of those cute pictures from your engagement session, and either hope on the computer to create some beautiful announcements to mail out, or contact your local paper to get information on what you need to do to publish one in the paper.

So, which step sounds the most, or the least, fun to you?


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