That Guest Post Went Over Like Gangbusters — Clearly You Hate Me

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Well, well, well. I hope you all are happy, because I am hurt. Devastated. Crying my eyes out. Why? Well, you all went totally insane over Ethan’s post. Loved it. Tons of views, comments, and likes. So, I’m quitting the blog. Throwing in the towel. Handing over the reins to to Mr. Aronson. You take it honey. You be the writer. Cause, clearly, you’ve captivated my audience with your guest post more than I ever have with anything I’ve ever said. Okay, enough with the pretend sulking and on to my actual feelings.

Ethan did an amazing job when he wrote that guest post for me on Saturday. And I’m so glad that it did well because he deserved for it to do well. You see, Ethan’s not a writer. But he is very creative in my opinion. And apparently in your opinion too! Now, I don’t know if it was the excitement of finally getting to hear from the man I’ve been talking about on this blog for years now. Or the intrigue of hearing things from his perspective. But whatever it was, you all seemed to love it. And I loved it too.

I love that he wrote it to help me out, because he knew how important it was to me to get a post up that night. That he didn’t hesitate to offer to cover my butt when I needed it most. That he’s just the greatest guy ever and you all took note of that.

So, you will be getting your wish. Ethan is going to be writing more guest posts. Though, I’m going to keep giving him full license to talk about whatever he wants. So be prepared to read a post about his love of cats next. I’m serious. That’s what he’s writing about. Enjoy!

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  • Eden Umble
    November 23, 2016

    We still love you tons Jen. We were just bowled over by Ethan’s adorableness (and you know what an undertow that force is). Keep on writing!!

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