Easter Is For Grown-Ups Too

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I don’t have children and I don’t know when I will. But that makes celebrating my favorite holiday traditions kinda difficult because a lot of traditions are tied to childhood and things that kids enjoy more than adults.

So when it comes to those particular traditions what do you do? Do you just pack them away in a mental box labeled “Kid Traditions,” and put them on mental shelf, only to be unpacked when a baby comes into the picture?

Well that just seems unfair. I don’t wanna put away the Christmas stockings and Easter baskets and Halloween costumes and St. Patrick’s Day… hats? I don’t wanna do that for an indefinite period of time because you’re not “allowed” to do those things without kids around.

So when Easter rolled around I dyed eggs (Ethan helped to put stickers on them), made “baskets” out of paper bags (Okay maybe I will hold off on buying actual baskets until someone who will appreciate the authenticity and believe in the Easter Bunny comes along) and filled them with chocolates shaped like barnyard animals.

And when we woke up the Easter Bunny had come! Was it as exciting as it was when I was younger? Of course not. Especially because my dad actually hid our baskets. I guess our bunny thought the basket was worth way more when you had to earn it.

I didn’t hide ours. Mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to hide mine and then make myself forget where I hid it. And Ethan could have done it, but honestly he understands nothing about this holiday. He thought the bunny coming was a relatively low key situation, and it might be in some households. But again, we had to work for our baskets. And we may have been a little spoiled, getting some actual presents in the basket along with our candy.

I made bunny shaped pancakes for breakfast, which is something I had never done on Easter before. I don’t actually remember what we had for breakfast as a child. Because, as was customary, we ate so much candy within a 10 minute period that we were far too sick to eat again until dinner.

easter pancake


easter pancake 2

So you do whatever you want to do, whenever you want (Within reason of course. You aren’t above the law). That is what being a grown-up is supposed to be about. Not waiting around for children to come into the picture so you can do awesome stuff again. You can do all of those things with or without a kid. You get to decide how you celebrate.

P.S. I am going to be talking about taxes soon. So enjoy your holiday, if you are celebrating Easter or Passover (Which I did for the first time on Friday night), or just enjoy your Sunday while it lasts.


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