10 Things You Don’t Know Until You Get Your Own Place

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At a certain point after graduation you will come to the realization you need to get your own place. The moment you know when it’s time differs for everyone. But the day will come for all of us.

And when it does you will feel nostalgic as you pack up all your belongings (and those items that aren’t yours, but that your parents let you take anyway) and take one last look at your old room before leaving for your new home. You might shed a tear as you see your parents waving goodbye to you in the rearview mirror of your very own car.

But the nostalgia will pass the moment you step into your own place and realize you can do whatever you want. It’s basically going to be the montage from Home Alone on repeat for the first week. Until reality sets in. And once it does, having your own place will seem a little less glamorous. Here are a few things you can expect to only occur to you once you reach that point.


10 Things You Don’t Know Until You Get Your Own Place

1) The dishwasher (if you are lucky enough to have one) needs to be loaded exactly the way you like it. Which just so happens to be the exact way you refused to load it for 15 years.
2) Why does no one send you mail? People should send mail more often. Your parents got a ton of mail. The only mail you get is addressed to “Current Resident” or to someone who lived at your place five years ago.
3) This TV is nice, because it’s mine. But it doesn’t pause live shows, so it’s actually horrible.
4) You think you have everything in your own place, until the day you need a can opener, plunger, cutting board, and oh ya, SCISSORS.
5) IKEA is your new best friend. But the kind of best friend who sells you their brand new furniture for a cheap price and then peaces out when it is time to put it together.
6) You have plenty of alcohol in your place. But never any milk.
7) Utilities aren’t included? Not a problem. You are completely willing to sweat/freeze/sit in the dark. Whatever is necessary.
8) Laundry is not an issue. Seriously. You totally know how to do it yourself. Hello, four years of college. It’s the having to carry it to the apartment complex basement in a drawstring laundry bag, along with a roll of quarters. Because then you get dorm déjà vu and have to repeat to yourself that this situation, while exactly the same, is completely different. Somehow.
9) You’re not going to ask your parents for money. But if they offer you some when you come to visit it would be just plain rude to not take it. Right?
10) You are okay with the fact your mattress doesn’t have a frame and resides on the floor, because a) it’s not a twin bed with a fire retardant “wood” frame and b) not a canopy bed with a pink, ruffled bed skirt.

Did I miss anything? What occurred to you when you got your own place?

  • Bernadette Davis
    August 6, 2014

    The relief of not having to find an apartment, research the safety of different neighborhoods, and move at the end of every other semester/at the end of the summer.

    • Jennifer Maas
      August 6, 2014

      Fantastic Bernadette! Glad to know you are currently in a state of relief. I’m so happy to know there are positives as well. I just now need to reevaluate why none came to mind when I wrote this article…

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