Dinner For Two: Who’s Cooking Tonight?

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Tonight I came home to find short ribs sizzling on the stove. And I was ecstatic. But not because of how good the dish smelled or how amazing the browning meat looked in the skillet. It was the fact that I wasn’t the one doing the cooking that made my day.

Ethan was making dinner, a not unusual occurrence in our household, but a much appreciated one every time it happens. With Ethan in his second year of law school and adhering to a different class schedule every day, and me with an hourlong evening commute, it is usually a toss up for who is making dinner tonight.

We are both tired and hungry when we get home. We both want to slap together a healthy and delicious meal as fast as possible. And we both don’t want to be the one doing it. But someone has to, and that duty usually falls to whoever got home first, or whoever had the least stressful day.

Because I’m done for the day when I leave the office and Ethan has homework (and the fact that I, you know, was a food studies major) I generally feel like I should handle the cooking. And even though the thought of it seems extremely stressful when I first get home, as soon as I start chopping I remember cooking actually relaxes me.

But no matter how soothing cooking can be for me, it is still something I’d rather do in a calm state of mind, not after someone was riding my bumper for an hour on the I-10. So to his credit, Ethan does a lot of meal prep around here.

Keep in mind that Ethan isn’t as experienced a cook, so it is not like it is as easy for him to make dinner as it is for me. But the kid has skills.

Last night he made us his marinated Margarita Chicken, and today we enjoyed those delicious short ribs, which he picked up from our friendly neighborhood Korean supermarket.

He works very hard to make sure he pulls his weight at home and I love him for that.


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