Comic Books: How My Favorite TV Shows Stayed Alive After The Finale

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After writing about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for two posts now, you think I’d be all talked out when it comes to TV show revivals. But, what I’m talking about this time is not a revival that happens thanks to the godsend that is Netflix. No, this time I’m talking about a revival that happens through an entirely different medium, in which your favorite characters jump from the screen to the well-drawn page following the finale. That’s right, they become comic books. It’s happened to some of my favorite shows and it has allowed me to keep following their stories long after they ended on TV.

CharmedBuffy The Vampire Slayer and (its spinoff) Angel are three of my favorite TV shows of all times. And each one has continued on in comic books, and they have all proven to be amazing follow-ups to their original series.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re not a comic book person, right? Well, that doesn’t really matter if you are still a fan of the show, because comics are simply a medium for telling the story that you love. It’s just like when a TV show gets a movie revival. Ya, it’s different. But you love the story so you want to see it continue. So, of course, you’re gonna go see that movie! The same goes for comic books. Only, with comics, the sky is the limit with what can happen, as production costs are pretty much non-existent compared to a show.

For instance, Buffy flies in the comics. (That sounds cheesy, but there’s a reason and it makes sense in context. Trust me). Buffy would never have been able to fly on the TV show, because it would have been way too expensive, and even then it would have looked totally fake. But, when you are drawing Buffy it looks super natural for her little sister Dawn to turn into a giant. (Ya, that happened too. Seriously, just read them).

So, if you’re someone who loves any of these shows, or others that have continued on past the small screen stage of their lives, I suggest you give comic books a try. You might be surprised by how much you like them and how grateful you are to have one of your favorite shows back, right at your fingertips.

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