Christmas Cards — A Small Gesture That Makes A Big Difference

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My parents never really sent Christmas cards when I was a kid, which kinda made me sad because I loved the ones we got. But, to each his own, because my grandmother always took the time to send out not just Christmas cards, but newsletters. And even as a kid I thought, “YES, that’s amazing. I’m going to be the card-sending type when I grow up.” And, of course, I became exactly that. I even dragged Ethan along with me.

Ever since the first year we began dating, Ethan and I have sent out Christmas cards together during the holidays. (Yes, we sent them out before we were engaged, and yes we did it the first year we were dating. I know, we’re adorable. Moving on.) We were still in college at the time, so we didn’t spend much money on them and we only sent a few. But I loved creating the personalized cards, and the response we got from the recipients was a resounding, “Aww.” So, of course, it became a tradition I tried to improve upon year after year. But not for me (well, a little for me). I honestly do it for my loved ones, who I want to get the feeling I got as a kid when we received Christmas cards in the mail.

Our friends and family are spread out across both coasts, and with Ethan’s school calendar, my work schedule, and life just being, you know, there, we don’t get around to see everyone enough. But Christmas cards, they get around. And, yes, you touching base with your loved ones once a year may seem like the least you can do. But I don’t think of them as a replacement for putting in the effort to connect with people. Everyone I send a card to is someone I love and cherish and already connect with. The card is intended to be a little something extra to remind them of that and brighten up their day. And, also, who doesn’t love getting real mail these days?

So take the time this holiday season to get a few cards (you don’t have to go crazy on Tiny Prints like I do) and send them to your closest friends and family. It really won’t cost that much to buy a box of cards or take that much time to write a little note and address them. And it really will make a different in your relationships.

  • Shalzzz
    December 9, 2016

    I love Christmas cards and sending them is such a sweet gesture 🙂

  • Rose
    December 10, 2016

    I dont remember receiving too many as a child maybe one or two from a relative. I do mail them now. Not a lot and not always on time but it still feels nice receiving them.
    P.S. Mine are done now but I need stamps!

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