A New Year’s resolution: Plan your life away

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New Year’s Day should always be a lazy day. Whether you are nursing a hangover or not, everyone should spend the first day of the year decompressing from the weight of the last year, letting it all go, and opening themselves up to the next 365 days. And believe me, I am doing just that.

I’m currently sitting on the floor of my living room watching season 4 of “Downton Abbey.” I’ve already seen it (of course) but I’m taking a refresher course in the Crawleys before the final season premieres this Sunday. My boyfriend and his brother, who’s visiting us from Buffalo, are playing a card game while we all wait on our delivery order. And I’m looking forward to a glass of white to go with my Pad Thai. Classy, I know.

You see I’m giving myself permission to do all this today because I’ve already prepared for the New Year. That’s right, I’m already ready for the next 365 days. Because I’ve already made over a dozen resolutions I’m so excited to accomplish. I’ve already thought out what I want to do every day to accomplish them. I already ended the old year working toward being healthier in the new year. And I’ve already got an Erin Condren Life Planner.

No, this is not a sponsored post. I’m just super jazzed about my main Christmas present this year as I really hope it will help me to stay more organized, become more creative, be more forward thinking, and yet remain in the moment all at the same time this year.

This planner is widely regarded as more than just a day planner (i.e., the “life” part in the title). People spend a good chunk of change on these customizable beauties and spend even more money to buy washi tape, personalized stickers and planner clips from stores like Target and Office Depot and boutique shops on Etsy. There are Instagram accounts devoted to decorating these planners and YouTube “Plan With Me” videos on how to, well, plan in them.

I’ve already gathered a good amount of supplies for mine and planned out the week of Christmas (in reverse) and last week, complete with decorations. But really that was just practice. The big guns are coming out this week, the first full week of 2016.

I’ve always loved writing. Not like stringing words together (well of course I love that), but the physical act of writing. I currently have three legal pads sitting around the house all covered in whatever I was thinking at the moment and needed to get down. I love lists. I love bullet points. I love numbering. I love underlining. I love paper. I love planning. And I love planning on paper.

I know you’ll say I have a Mac (well, I mean now you know I have a Mac) and an iPhone (ya, that too) to plan on. But I want to write it down people! And it’s my main resolution. Because I’m going to remember this whole year from beginning to end. I’m going to have it all down on paper.

I have a lot of other resolutions of course (all written down in the back of my planner). Some private, some I will share with you soon.

But today I thought was a good day to let you know I plan to plan every day this year. I don’t mean that I want to take the spontaneity out of life. I’m 25, of course I don’t want that. I don’t think anyone ever wants that.

What I mean to say is, I will think before I act. I will make decisions about what I really think I should, and want, to be doing. I will make goals for the year, and the month, and the week and the day. And I will try, to the best of my ability, to achieve them.

And I’m gonna do it all with adorable stickers.

If you want to purchase something from the Erin Condren website, head here to get $10 off.


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