24-Year-Olds I Have It More/Less Together Than

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I have been twenty-four for 2 days now, and I can say without hesitation that I feel totally and completely different. Seriously, the level of maturity in my very bones has skyrocketed. 24 is the new 30.

Except that it is not. I do not have my life anymore figured out than I did two days ago. But that is okay. Because I am pretty sure there are other 24-year-olds that don’t know what they are doing anymore than me. And maybe a few who do.

Let’s take a moment to do a very comprehensive study of seven such candidates and rank their level of grown-upness on a scale of 1-10.

7 24-Year-Olds Who Do/Do Not Have It Together Yet

1. Jennifer Lawrence – Turned 24 on August 15, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence 24

Jennifer Lawrence 24 2

Okay, so J. Law is goofy and adorable and the person everyone wants to be best friends with. But she is also the youngest 24-year-old on this list. So how grown-up can she really be?

Well, she’s been nominated for 3 Academy Awards, and won for Best Actress. Not to mention her two Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a BAFTA award, all of which she is incredibly humble about. And, oh ya, she does all this while leading a revolution in a dystopian future armed with only a bow and arrow. So ya, I’d say she’s doing okay career-wise.

And she has yet to have any real drama as far as her love life is concerned. And that is an excellent place to be in at only 24. Besides, no one said you can’t be clumsy and still have it together.

Level of Grown-Upness: 8

Image: jenniferlawrencegifs.tumblr.com

2. Taylor Swift – Turned 24 on December 13, 2013

T. Swift, you are equally accomplished in your career as J. Law, if not more so; with seven Grammy Awards, fifteen American Music Awards, eleven Country Music Association Awards, seven Academy of Country Music Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards And having started your career at the age of 16, you are a force to be reckoned with.

But honey, you need to get your love life together. Seriously. Gawker once said that you have dated “every man in the universe.” Now, we know that isn’t true (kinda), but you do need to take a look at your roster.

Really, T. Swift, I just want you to be happy. And even though you are just 24, you are one of the older 24-year-olds on this list, so you need to start making better choices.

Level of Grown-Upness: 6

3. Soulja Boy – Turned 24 on July 28, 2014

Soulja Boy, can I call you Soulja Boy? Okay, Soulja Boy, you are an interesting case. In September 2007, your single “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. And the impressive thing was you originally self-published it on the internet. And while I still don’t understand what the song means, I will admit to having learned the extremely awkward dance at the age of 17, even though your song was banned from like all school dances.

But dude, what have you done lately? Other than have two flop albums after Souljaboytellem.com (which went platinum) you have been planning to release a third since 2011. What? And you have had “controversies” with everyone from Ice-T to Bow Wow to the U.S. Armed Forces. Seriously???

Soulja Boy, you most definitely do not have it together. Focus on your music, mk? Get your heart’s song out. You are 24, act like it.

Level of Grown-Upness: 2

4. Emma Watson – Turned 24 on April 15, 2014

Emma Watson 24

Hermione, I hate you. I really do. I will go ahead and say right now that a personal grievance of mine is that I do not have it together as much as Emma Watson. I don’t think anyone on the planet does.

You were a major player in a the Harry Potter franchise between the ages of 9 and 21, for which you made £10 million. Which reminds me, you’re British. Also, you just graduated from Brown in May, the same month BuzzFeed declared you the “most flawless woman of the decade.” Oh and you pull off the pixie cut like no other (sorry J. Law).

And also, back to my first point, you are Hermione. No one can deny that you are the reason anyone at all survived till the end of Harry Potter. Stop showing off…

Level of Grown-Upness: 11

Image: glittering.tumblr.com

5. Kristen Stewart – Turned 24 on April 9, 2014

Kristen Stewart 24

K. Stew, you also were part of a major franchise. But it was about vampires. And Buffy has it more together than Bella, so you lose points right there. I know you aren’t Bella, but, also, you kinda are. You are super moody. Why so serious Kristen? What’s wrong? Why do you always look so angry. What do you have to be grumpy about?

Was it Twilight? Did it take a toll on you? I mean, it was only four years. Four years work, at the end of which Forbes named you the highest paid actress in 2012, with total earnings of $34.5 million. And you earned $12.5 million each for last two installments in the Twilight saga, including royalties! And even with your grumpy face, you were still ranked #7 on AskMen‘s list of Top 99 Women for 2013.

Is it Rob? What do you need K. Stew? A hug? Well whatever it is, get over it honey. You’re 24.

Level of Grown-Upness: 4

Image: FunnyJunk.com 

6. Liam Hemsworth – Turned 24 on January 13, 2014

Liam Hemsworth 24

Liam, you aren’t Thor. So I’m sorry about that. But you get to hang out with J. Law. That’s fun. You even won a People’s Choice Award for your Chemistry (which you shared with Josh Hutcherson, but you all are a love triangle so it makes sense).

But then there was the whole Miley thing. Which makes me think you don’t have the best idea of what to look for in a fiancée. And I don’t know what exactly went on there. But I do think at 24, you’re a little young to be looking into marriage, and she’s definitely too young (and too Miley) to be settling down like that anytime soon.

So focus on your grown-up things, like helping Katniss fight the Capital and also being the ambassador of the Australian Childhood Foundation. Focus on that stuff and you’ll be fine. Cause, oh ya, your also an Aussie. Nice.

Level of Grown-Upness: 7

Image: liammhemsworth.tumblr.com

7. Iggy Azalea – Turned 24 on June 7, 2014

Iggy, you are so fancy. So you get those points right there. All 24-year-olds would be so lucky to be as fancy as you are. And because you’re so “Fancy,” you went on to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chartbecoming only the fourth solo female rapper ever to top the Hot 100. Very impressive for a 24-year-old.

And with the short amount of time you’ve been really active in the music industry (since 2011) it’s even more impressive. You’re also an awesome Aussie, like Liam. And you don’t have a ton of drama going on in your love life either, focusing more on your career. I mean do you do some controversial things? Yes. But again, so fancy. And everyone knows. So what more is there to say?

Level of Grown-Upness: Fancy

Those are the 24-year-olds who I have chosen to evaluate. Where do I fit in the mix? Well I’m not quite sure. But I know I lose to Hermione Emma Watson. But I definitely beat Soulja Boy. So I’m okay with that. Where do you think you fall compared to celebrities your age?



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